About Me

How the idea for Quadclaw came about

The idea for Quadclaw came about as I got up one morning just to see a neighbours quad-bike being ridden down the lane! STOLEN! My dear elderly neighbour couldn’t kneel down like some others to fasten a chain around the wheel and therefore it had become a target…. after quite a few ideas and prototypes I finally had a idea to be able to secure his Quadbike/A.T.V in his farm, and he could fasten it himself, all from his seat, no kneeling, no crawling on the floor, no dirt, mud or time lost. All safe and secure from the thieves.

I currently build 3 standard sized frames, to suit all sizes of quad from 50cc upwards, with a fully galvanised finish to ensure it suits any location indoor or outdoors. Designed to be floor and wall bolted, or even welded to a suitable location.

Patented design to keep your quad at YOUR desired location, whether farm or works.

Made in North Wales by Andy who has worked in or around farms his entire life.

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